One of the most important aspects when considering investment in Thailand is its currency. According to economical records over the past 10 years, Thai Baht is considered as one of the most stable currencies in the world and its purchasing power has not decreased over that time.

All year round, this country welcomes significant numbers of tourists from all parts of the world, and as a result, hotel occupancy rates and demand for real estate rental remain consistently high.

Thailand also progressively develops its tourism industry, so you can easily get a guaranteed income of 7 to 10% from property rental here.

The taxation system has its own benefits with very low taxes on buying a real estate, 1-2% compared to other countries (depending on ownership type). There are also no annual fees levied to property owners. Another advantage for potential investors is a lack of land plots, available for construction purposes. This is especially significant in Phuket since real estate will only increase in price driving further profits for investors.

Investments in hotels, land, apartments and villas are consistently profitable and reliably become a source of your future income.

In conclusion, Thailand is one of the best investment destinations in the world due to following reasons:

  • Stable currency
  • Year-round tourists flow
  • Low taxes
  • Reasonably high income
  • Wonderful climate

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